Kill your stick figure using different methods, move character using keyboard and earn score after each death.
Use your sward to fight all stick figures down. ASD key to attack enemies and arrow keys to move around.
You're hitman assassin and must complete all mission by shooting your targets, use sniper score and use as few bullets as possible.
Help stickman to reach toilet as fast as possible by avoiding and jumping on obstacles and before bad thing happen.
Use your sniper score and shoot down all targets, use night vision when needed to see enemies.
Help stickman Joe to pass all challenges and reach exit in each level, use A key to jump and D for special skills.
Adventure is continued, start with sward and fight down all enemies after some time you can use weapons.
Use mouse to fight down all stikmans in each level, pickup new weapons to make even more damage.
Beat hordes of stickmen using your sword and incredible fighting skills.
Use guns, grenades to shoot enemies down and many different objects as barricades, objective is to clear the waves of assailants.
Choose your stick player and use your badminton skills to beat your opponent's.
Use your sniper skills, take missions and complete them, buy new rifles in shop.
Control stick man using arrow keys and A,S to fight down all enemies on the arena.
Control bicycle and go down the mountain also perform some freestyle tricks.
Take down as many stick enemies as possible before they kill you.


Newer part of ragdoll series, lunch ragdoll and try to reach red target.
You must take out targets like a professional sniper, use space bar to zoom in.
Kill all your enemies avoid lasers to unlock the door and escape.
Start with scratch and earn money to upgrade and finish your plane.
Try to smash the devilish vending machine, earn money and buy upgrades.
Choose your character and win in a deadly tournament. Use special attacks, and merciless finishing moves to defeat your opponents.
Read mission objectives and use your sniper skills to take down targets with head shots.
Vinnie's team continues their job, fighting against mafias, but now they are chased by the police. they were trying to escape from them without killing the...
Lunch hand drawn ragdoll using cannon and reach read circle to pass level.
Escape from barrage of death traps and smash down all evil stickmans.
Sticks playing basketball and by the way very well, you can check this yourself.
Now Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro going to amazonian jungles they must complete mission.
Help Johnny's dream soldier attack zombies with ink gun and kill all of them before he dies. Move on the obstacles and do not let them touch and attack you...
You mission is in Russian cold and very danger, your dropped from helicopter and you must defeat all enemies.
As a a professional sniper you are sent in Japan to kill the crime leader. But before it eliminate his surroundings.
Use different things in the inventory to help Harry avoid all kind of obstacles and reach the finish point. Put the items on the right place and and Harry will ...
Max is the perfect baker and he cooks things that excite people. He was asked to give the recipe of his cake by many people but he didn't it to anyone. Now...
Fly with your potty as far as possible and collect money for upgrades. you can make a plane from it and fly for a long distance. Then buy some upgrades and perf...
Move the stick man and use your skills and abilities to reach the finish portal. you will have to solve puzzles and kill enemies with gun and without any weapon...
You are a silence killer assassin. Get different kind of missions, choose weapons and start shooting. Kill your targets without any problems and try not to let ...
Play stick badminton shoot ball using S key and play against CPU or friend.
Control your stick figures and use 15 unique weapons to be like real S.W.A.T. member.
You are a killer and work for a big organization. They will give you different kind of missions to kill their enemies. Choose weapons and start shooting. Try to...
Use different kind of weapons to defeat enemy stick figures, set angle and power and throw bombs, also buy upgrades and weapons.
Start with 12 hard sniper practice missions to see if you can make it as a member of the SWAT faction.
This tactically and choose the best way you think would be best to Break the Bank.
Select difficulty and start defend of your base, use shop to buy upgrades and build solders.
Use your mouse and break all moving boxes using shotgun, collect peaces which will be drooped, move using arrow keys.
Fight down all enemies using three Stick Characters which you can change using C key.

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