Help ninja run, jump and fight against enemies, try to go as long as you can.
Help ninja to steal manuscripts, use mouse click to jump and kill enemies by jumping on there heads.
Help ninja to slash all zombies and clear the area, jump,slide and move left to right to avoid big enemies.
Don't allow evil Overlord to capture their land, use A kay to attack, left right to spring, up to jump, and space for special attacks.
Your master ordered you to go to the city and kill the evil man harming your people. Move on the platforms carefully and kill your enemies with the sword. A to ...
Help silence killer ninja estimate all the enemies around him. Try to kill them before they see you, attack from the back, otherwise they will kill you. Move on...
You are trying to find an unknown assassin who killed your master ninja. Move on the platforms with WASD and kill enemies with E key. You can transform to diffe...
You are very highly trained ninja and now you are in a spinning labyrinth, you have to escape from it, but only after you collect the coins. Avoid things which ...
After demonic samurai led an evil army your ninja is last chance for humans, help ninja to shoot all target and save the world.
Now ninja ridding bike, help him to handle motor bike and reach finish point in each level.
Start with tutorial, this will help you to understand how to play, then help ninjas to fight enemies down on the arena.
Help ninja and avoid detection, use incredible skills to fight down enemies.
Use your sward to clean all stages from zombies, before you start to play read instructions and select language.
Another time play as a ninja and now destroy mafia members which coming with more squad.
Place your ninja troops and fight down all soldiers of mafia family, check which one is more powerful.


Help samurai girl to defeat all evil creatures on her way, start with jumping on there heads and after use sward.
Help ninja to find MR.Evil which thinks that brave ninja never will be able to defeat him.
Use your ninja skills to sneak into the house and steal the skirts without letting girls to see you.
Knock all enemies of the screen using different weapons, you also can switch between two bears.
Use WASD and fight down opponent, this is physics fighting game.
Your mission if to defend blind girl with any cost, collect the coins and buy upgrades.
Point and click game, help the ninja get through each level.
Play as a samurai and slice all enemies suing your mouse you must draw lines to do it or use bow and arrows.
Listen to your master and start playing as ninja, use mouse to set angel and power and jump.
Sneak up behind enemies to perform combo attack and moves to reach and bring back stolen treasure.
You must complete all levels running as fast as you can and attack enemy units to survive.
Secret scroll where is very important for this village, help them to get back this scroll.
Paint the walls as fast as you can in 30 levels and try to get all the stars.
Vinnie's team continues their job, fighting against mafias, but now they are chased by the police. they were trying to escape from them without killing the...
Dr. Ray is ninja and scientist same time and he battle through dangers.
Find the place for all parts of Kawasaki ninja and fix it. There are many big and small parts and you have to fix them quickly before the time runs out. If you ...
In this game you will need fast typing skills. You are a ninja and your mission is to defend the temple from other enemy ninja's attacks. Type there names ...
After many years of training, you are finally ready to take missions alone! Test your ninja skills, collect powerful guano to get rid of the cunning enemies and...
Turtles are back with great ninja skills which you must use to stop enemies.
Your village is under attack and you must save it by killing all enemies using your sward.
Practice skills and guide fighting ninja and collect gold coins.
Ninjas are ready to fight against pirates and do not let them win. Buy different kind of ninjas and place them on the path to kill coming enemy. Collect money f...
Land is ruled by evil power now over hundreds year, help ninja to go through all enemies and save world.
Evil creatures are winning war and last chance is to go back in time and do everything to stop evil plans.
Play as ninja and jump from leaf to leaf and try to go as high as possible.
Play as ninja and do special combos to eliminate all enemies.
Princess is kidnapped and kings warriors also dead, so only you can help king to get her daughter back.
You are a swift ninja and your master orders you to eliminate the samurais, over 90 enemies and 18 different attacks used.
Turtles are back and master splinter given mission which must be completed.
Normally all ninjas are man, but now help ninja girl to fight down other ninjas, use ASD to fight and make combos also.

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