Mario starts his adventure to save Princess Peach. He is ready to do everything for her. Use arrow or WASD keys to move on the platforms and hit space to shoot ...
Drive bike with Mario and help him become stunt champion. Use arrow keys to move and balance bike and use ASD keys for stunts. Collect coins on your way for bet...
Play with spongebob, collect hamburgers and try to avoid evil monsters, they want to kill you. 7 awesome levels are waiting for you. Patrick is in danger and wa...
Mario stars are having bike racing contest. Choose your favorite character and challenge others. try to be first and win the challenge. Use arrow keys to ride a...
From available two characters choose one, race against another and win all races.
Complete mini tasks to help Mario and Luigi save princess, don't forget to hide from browser.
Great remake of over childhood game, choose character and this time we have more options and enjoy new levels of fun.
Choose your characters Mario or Luigi and go as far as possible and earn coins.
Help Mario move on the platforms and collect coins on the way. Avoid evil turtles not to damage him and destroy combs.
Mario is back with new adventure in this nice jump and run game.
Mario style game where character is replaced with Super Angelo, jump through levels, collect power ups.
Play well known Super Mario. Is to reach the finish of the level. Kill enemies and collect coins on the way. Try not to be damaged.
Mario starts a race with his bike on the ground and platforms. Help him drive as much as possible and collect coins on the way for better score. Try to maintain...
Was playing Nintendo ? if yes you must like this game where we have different characters from the classic era.
Help Mario move on the platforms and kill enemies on the way. avoid touching them or you will die. use your hammer to kill.


You are super Mario. Go and kick ass. Try to make massive combos to boost your score.
Back into Mario world, another time you can enjoy new levels of very popular character, objective is same. have fun!
Something different now new remake of classic Super Mario World.
Choose mario or luigi and play in old world like we remember from nintendo or denude game consoles, complete all levels and then check other games :).
Mario and luigi are going to ride there incredible car into streets and listen great music so everyone must look them.
Have you played mario from Dendi consoles, then this quiz is including many questions about mario world and his adventure so can you can pass it.
Run through the level as Mario, jump on enemies and at end of levels try to beat boss by jumping, it's hard but fun.
Nintendo mario is back now in flash game, choose Mario or Luigi and start your adventure.

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