Diana is going to have her own ranch with different kind of animals. Help her buy new animal, feed and take care on it and sell it when it will be ready. So she...
Erin works at a book store. You have to help her serve the customers quickly. Firstly ask them what king of book they want and then bring it. Try to be fast and...
Lisa has a center for little children. Busy patents bring children there and Lisa takes care of them. Help her entertain feed babies and give parents happy babi...
Little Molly is trying to collect some money for her new house. Everyday she works in different places. You should help her to serve customers well and reach t...
You think that you are a super mom. Show it to everyone. Buy things correctly on time in the shop. They are shown on the top of the screen. Use mouse to interac...
You have an ice-cream shop. And in summer season you have lot of customers. Take orders and prepare different kinds of delicious ice-creams. Every day you have ...
Manage flower shop, firstly you need to grow flowers after hard work sell it and get income which you can use for your business improvements.
Dress up cute girl in fashion style, use dresses and hair style to make her look like fashion model.
Autumn come, girl needs new clothes, help her to choose best ones make this cute lady to look perfect.
Follow instructions in school of massage and learn how to make good makeovers and body massages.
Follow instructions and use different items and ingredients to cook one of the best cake.
Barbie loves to cook and you must help her to Chili Con Carne, use different ingredients and follow recipes.
Dress up cute fashion model for seasons change, choose one from many different clothes.
Beautiful girl need your help to choose dresses, heir style, background and much more.
Help beautiful girl to look like fashion model by making her hairstyle and after dress her up.
You have to dress up two girls, start with makeover and continue with dress-up, choose best outfit for this beautiful girls.
Dress up lovely baby and her mother to look well and after you can also decorate room.
Dress up athletic girl to look like good fashion model, use dresses, heats, boots and so on.
Monsters also need makeover, at this time your getting different challenge and items to use.
Dress up member of One Direction as he should always look well, because fans are always looking at him.
Manage cafe in airport and serve all customers, most of them are hurrying so be fast.
Manage cosmetics shop, server customers very fast and use money which they are paying to buy new items.
As a owner of a spa resort serve customers to make them happy and get reward, also time is limited, so be fast.
Barbie got invitation to visit Wonderland but she must look very good, help her to dress up for this event.
Help Mommy while she is doing makeover, use different items and face masks to make her beautiful.
Follow recipes and instructions and using eggs and different ingredients make Treacle Tart.
Help barbie to Dress up as she is going to school and must look great, everyone should make attention to her.
Dress girl and her little dog to look great, set background which you thinks looks more great.
Test your skills and use recipes to make chips with this cutie babysitter.
Princess castle need to be cleaned up, now it's your job use different objects and clean it up.
Choose right dresses and dress up girl to look great at magazine cover.
Start with searching of items and then dress up and makeover cute little girls.
Help country girl to make makeover and then dress her up to look fabulous.
Dress up two friends to look beautifully, change background and choose best dresses.
Help Samantha to take care her dog, drop food make hairstyle and much more.
Going back to school, dress her up, choose dresses, hairstyle and more.
Prepare for weeding by making great makeover to look better then anyone on party that will be remembered full life.
This cute girl have so bad teeth, but take action and make her look good.
Follow instructions and use cooking skills to make nine eclairs. Mouse left click for action.
Cook pizza using recipes, start with simple ones and server customers fast and accurately to make them happy.
Run your cooking business at park and in front of museum, serve different food to customers and make them happy.
Dress and equip yarn, she is getting ready to enter the Dragon Land and she must look fabulous.
Use your beautiful kitchen and try to prepare different kind of sushi, use recipes and follow instructions.
Choose top model hairstyle, dresses, jewelry and design beautiful Fashion Magazine.
Today is St. Patrick's day and this cute girl needs dress up, help her to choose right clothes and makeover.
Manage your small business, cook and serve food to your customers, don't make them wait too long and collect money.
Manage your bakery on the beach and serve customers what they will order.
Do a great makeover, it's important day so choose eyebrows,nails,dresses.
Create your own box of chocolates by following instructions step by step.
Your job is to keep house clean! Help the cleaning lady pick up everything.
Serve your customers, take their orders and cook pizza. To make a pizza, toss the dough, bake it, top it with tasty ingredients and done.
Serve customers quickly, paying careful attention to their satisfaction. Flirt to keep them happy, but you maybe caught in the act by there girlfriends or stric...
You work in the ice cream shop and have to serve the customers quickly. Get orders from them and make the ice creams they want as fast as you can not to make th...
You have just opened your flower styling shop and have to serve customers quickly to make them happy and get money. Do not let the hearts up their heads disappe...
It's very cold outside and this girl isn't wearing anything. Quickly find a fashioned dress for her in the big choice you have make her feel warmer an...
Make as many sushi rolls as you can for three friends Carly, Sam and Freddie. Use different ingredients you have and follow the instructions to make the real su...
You will have to cook different dishes of different countries in this game. cause you have your restaurants there and have to serve your customers. Get the orde...
You have chance to make your dream town for Christmas. You can construct everything there with your taste. There is a huge choice of things you may need.
Select cake and start too cook it, make it exactly how it is on image.
Help mom to feed very hungry kids, take orders and create food to server and maker this kids happy.