Little Molly is trying to collect some money for her new house. Everyday she works in different places. You should help her to serve customers well and reach t...
Now you are a businessman. You have your own pancake restaurant. Bake a wide variety of cakes and serve them to your clients. Earn money to buy new recipes and ...
Follow instructions and use different items and ingredients to cook one of the best cake.
Barbie loves to cook and you must help her to Chili Con Carne, use different ingredients and follow recipes.
Follow recipes and instructions and using eggs and different ingredients make Treacle Tart.
Papa is back wit new cupcake shop, manage it and serve your costumers fast.
Follow instructions and use cooking skills to make nine eclairs. Mouse left click for action.
Cook pizza using recipes, start with simple ones and server customers fast and accurately to make them happy.
Run your cooking business at park and in front of museum, serve different food to customers and make them happy.
Use your beautiful kitchen and try to prepare different kind of sushi, use recipes and follow instructions.
New restaurant where your making hot-dogs, serve customers quickly and use income for upgrades.
Manage your small business, cook and serve food to your customers, don't make them wait too long and collect money.
Take orders and serve your customers, use earned money to buy upgrades or new items.
Run asian restaurant and serve as many clients as possible and don't forget time is money!
Create your own box of chocolates by following instructions step by step.


Serve your customers take orders quickly to make your daily sales targets.
Serve your customers, take their orders and cook pizza. To make a pizza, toss the dough, bake it, top it with tasty ingredients and done.
You are working in the bar, the customers just keep on coming, you must to remember how to mix those smoothies as fast as possible.
Papas new taco restaurant and you are in charge. Help Mitch or Maggie take orders, cook meats, and cook tacos.
Make as many sushi rolls as you can for three friends Carly, Sam and Freddie. Use different ingredients you have and follow the instructions to make the real su...
You have won the prize to work in Papa's burgeria. Try to be the best and get as much money as possible. Serve the customers get orders from them and cook ...
Select cake and start too cook it, make it exactly how it is on image.
Follow the instructions and cook tasty meals with different ingredients. You have to be very fast and do everything in time.
Challenge samurai in sushi grand Prix and try to make ordered sushi's in the limited time you have. Firstly read the recipe book and then start making sush...
Follow the instructions and bake amazing cakes. Put different ingredients in the jam and mix them and put it in the cooker.
Mange small restaurant for cannibals take orders and serve dishes.
Follow instructions to find out fun and easy way to prepare best pizza.
You have a cookie factory and make different kinds of wonderful cookies. Get the order and make the same cookie with different accessories of your factory. Try ...

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